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Hello, I'm Emily

My path to self-love started in 2012 when I was pregnant with my first child. Wanting to be the best version of myself for my child made me question the way I was living and how happy I was for the first time. I started listening to that little voice inside and she made me realize that I wasn’t fulfilled working in real estate and that I was not happy in my marriage. As scary as these realizations were, I could not help but wonder what else would be more fulfilling?

 My first step towards self-love was to make a career change and become a yoga teacher because of the joy of connecting with myself when I am practicing asanas and doing meditation. It was the first time that I decided to do something for myself! As a people pleaser, it was an important step to go against what I thought everyone expected from me and not care about their approval. 

I had another child and being a mother of two boys is the best present in the world, but it was very heavy time for me as I forgot about myself & my needs...

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Spirituality and Separation

But still I listened for the little voice of my heart and she encouraged me to continue reconnecting with myself by exploring my own spirituality. I found myself drawn to receiving the teachings of the 13 Moon Mystery School. This exploration felt so beautiful, I knew it was an important step for me. 

The breakthrough happened when I realized that I wasn't respecting myself by being in a relationship where I was constantly expecting someone else’s approval and resenting not being supported.


Going through my separation, leaving a comfortable and stable home to adventure myself in the uncertainty of the world showed me how courageous I am and how much it is important for me to be authentic and free. 

Being alone has allowed me to learn who I am, what I like and how to be honest about everything in my life. For the first time in my life I feel that I own my destiny. I am the one that is leading my own life without depending or waiting on others to move forward. Now it all depends on me. The most important part was to listen to my inner guidance, to acknowledge that little voice within. She is so important because this inner guidance always wants me to be happy and fulfilled.  

Sisterhood and Coaching

My big supporters in my journey were my sisters, they were there to listen, hold space, show me a different perspective and help to navigate my new life. I am so grateful to be part of many sisterhoods; I know that without them my path would have been harder and lonelier. 

The coaching was so important to help me look into my mindset and the stories that were holding me back and preventing me from being authentic.


It was a beautiful process of removing layers and layers of things that did not serve me anymore, that inspired me to want to share it with other women and help them to be themselves.


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