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Welcome to your journey of self love

In this journey, you will learn how to show up for yourself, you will stop sacrificing your well being to please others. You will give your mind, body and soul everything it needs to go through life happy and fulfilled.

Self-love is a foundation that you will spend years practicing and getting better and better. There will be moments of setbacks but with the self-love practices, you will have the tools to put yourself first every time..  

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"At this moment in time, we women are being called to reconnect to our essence, to our femininity and our intuition."

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The first step  is to get to know who you are, what is ultimately unique about you and what is your purpose and passions. We will work together to discover the beautiful YOU and create self-love practices to change your inner talk, from being a bully to a best friend. In this process, you will love and accept who you are.

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Knowing and acceptiong your beautiful self

This offer is to help you achieve and manifest what you want in life. My goal is to help you clear all the programming that is holding you back from reaching your dream  destination, so that you leave our sessions with a greater sense of focus and control in your way forward.

Embody your authentic self
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If the time has come for you to make some major life-changing decisions (get separated, make a  major career change, move to a new country…) it can be so difficult to make a decision while navigating the ongoing anxiety and confusion. I’m here to help you make the best choices for yourself while being fully supported every step of the way. 

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"In my session, I combine my experience as a Yoga teacher, Theta Healer, Priestess, Life Coach, mother, ex-wife, sister and daughter to assist you." 

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“Emily Dayane has been recognized as one of the Top Self Love Coaches by Coach Foundation.”


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