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Ignite the path of self-love

The path to self-love is the
most rewarding journey

When you love yourself, you become connected with your divinity & you can express this to the world. More than ever, our planet needs our loving presence. Through my coaching we work together, empowering you to connect more deeply with your intuition and open up to the richness of self-love.


Being supported can truly change your life

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"Working with Emily had been incredible. I was feeling unmotivated and a bit stuck on moving forward in my life. Working with her has given me clarity and such deep healing. I feel motivated, and confident in moving forward and even have support on the next right steps for me. She's delightful, intuitive and just great to work with. Highly recommend her!"

- Jen Wende -

Ancestral Healing & Soul Guidance

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"Emily is a gifted coach and healer. She has a unique and uncanny ability to see deeply into a situation to find what is an underlying unconscious block and is able to gently, lovingly enter into the block and transform it with her very comforting mothering energy and healing gifts. I have found her work tremendously liberating and healing both personally and professionally. I highly recommend her services."

- Kelli Kieley -


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"Emily has such a gentle and nurturing presence, she was such a huge source of comfort while I was going through a separation. Just from her vulnerable sharing of her own story I was inspired to choose myself and trust in that inner love that no one can ever take from you. Also, her visualization journeys are amazing! I am so grateful to have been supported through this major portal by her. "

- Marie Ashley Nelson -

Expression Alchemist / Artist

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